If you've accidentally deleted a "Measurement to Track" under the Features section of your Settings, you can add it back without losing your previous measurements.

You want to be careful when changing the Measurements to Track in your Settings > Features. Our system is pretty sensitive because a lot of information is generated from those measurements. A few things to note:

  • If you delete a measurement term (i.e. Hips), the previous measurements associated with that term will no longer generate in reports. The previous measurements aren't deleted from our database, but you'd have to add it back to Measurements to Track to view them.
  • If you edit, or delete and re-add a measurement term, it must be spelled and formatted the exact same way in order to generate the previous measurements associated with it in reports. For example, if you deleted "Hips", and re-added it as "Hip" or "hips", it will be treated as a new measurement term and won't pull previous measurements.