You can use the success stories feature to showcase your client’s weight loss on your website or Facebook. You need a couple of things before you can make a success story.

1) You need a client who has tracked their weight loss in the Fit Clients software
2) The client needs a before and after picture uploaded to their profile. You can do this on the Users > View Client > Photos page.

To get started, go to the Reports > Success Stories page and click ‘Create Success Story’ in the upper right corner.

On the first step you will see a list of your clients and what their weight, body fat, and measurement change has been over the lifetime of their account. Choose the client you want to showcase to go to the next step.

In the second step you will choose which template style you want to use. Click on one to continue.

Next, choose which unit type you want to highlight in the success story (weight, body fat, or measurements).

In the next two steps you will be asked to choose a before and after photo from your client’s account. You can also upload one from your computer.

Fit Clients will generate a message based on what it knows about your client. You can customize the message on the final step.

Sharing Success Stories

Once you’ve created a success story you can share it on your Facebook account, or add it to your website. Click on the success story to go to the ‘View Success Story’ page. At the bottom of the page you’ll see three options.

The first is a ‘post to facebook’ button. Click on it and follow the steps to post it to your facebook wall.

The second is option is to embed the image onto a web page. Copy and paste the contents of the web page embed code field onto your web page, or send it off to your web guy.

At the bottom of the ‘Sharing Options’ box is an image Url. This is a direct link to your success story.