Weigh ins are the main way Fit Clients tracks the progress of your clients. It is important that they weigh in regularly.

Adding Weigh Ins

Weigh ins can be added in several ways. You can weigh your client on the Goals > Weigh Ins page, or from a client’s weigh in page. Clients can weigh themselves in using the weigh in terminal (see topic below), from the client login portal, or using the iOS app (coming in fall of 2013).

Weigh In Terminal

Your clients can use the weigh in terminal to weigh themselves in at your gym or training studio. Just set up a computer or tablet with wifi access and you’re ready to go. You can launch the weigh in terminal from the home screen of this site.

Editing Weigh Ins

You can edit a weigh in by clicking on one in any weigh in list. Once you save your changes all their goals and contests will be automatically updated.

Scheduled Weigh Ins

When a client adds a weigh in, Fit Clients will search through his or her goals and calculate the next day they need to weigh in. This shows up at the top of their weigh in list, and is prominently displayed at the top of the client portal.

If a client doesn’t have any goals or contests, the system won’t expect them to weigh in, and the scheduled weigh in field will be blank.