The best trainers in the world know how to make working out fun, hold their clients accountable, and above everything else, they know how to get their clients the results they want as fast as possible. How do they do this? By holding them accountable! That’s where Fit Clients comes in. It tracks your client’s progress and goals for you, so you can focus on training your clients.

There are a couple of ways you can use Fit Clients to track your clients goals, it’s up to you to decide what will work best in your business. First, you can have your clients manage their own goals and weigh ins, using the client login portal. They can log in to the portal site and create goals, add weigh ins, and monitor their progress (or they can use the iOS app, coming in fall of 2013). We think this is the best way to use Fit Clients because it fully automates the process.

We’ve built in features that let you log in to your admin panel and easily monitor how your clients are doing. 

You can see who is behind on their goal, see a list of all your client’s activity, and more!

Visit the ‘Adding Clients’ help topic to learn more about the different ways to add clients to your account.

Of course, not every trainer wants their clients managing their own goals. We designed Fit Clients with this in mind. If you want, you can disable the client portal altogether and manage everything inside your admin panel. Or you can let them log in, but not make any changes to their goals and weigh ins. It’s totally up to you! Check out the ‘Account Settings’ help topic for more detail on how to enable or disable specific features.